Blog  |  Posted December 16, 2021

Better Hygiene

AVD have now converted all their headphone stock to hard ear pads to allow them to be wiped down between uses.

This is in response to heightened concern over the hygiene of headsets being used by multiple users in quick succession. The hard ear pad, though less comfortable to wear, is user cleanable and poses less of a risk for cross infection if cleaned between uses. Being less comfortable it may also deter persons form ‘borrowing’ them for use at home.

The previous foam ear pads were difficult to clean needing to be teased off the headphone washed and re applied if they had not fallen apart in the process. Prone to trapping hair, wiping make up, absorbing perfume and perspiration, the foams were a problem looking for a solution which we have now applied.

The headphones are used as part of our simultaneous interpretation systems for multilingual events.

If you have concerns over the hygiene of issued headphones at an event then a solution is to bring your own. All our equipment can be used with a cabled stereo headphone, fitted with the industry standard 3.5mm jack. Please note that bluetooth or wireless headphones / ear pieces or ear pods are not compatible.

We hope this is helpful and a step forward.