Blog  |  Posted September 5, 2023

New flight cases offer economic shipping.

The Shure MXCW is a premium wireless conference microphone discussion system. It is ‘Dry Hired’ by many AV rental companies all over the country and is often shipped via courier.


To ensure the equipment reaches its destination in good condition the flight cases must be fit for purpose. We have designed our latest case to allow for 10 x MXCW delegate units and mic stems to fit into a case measuring just 60 x 40 x 32 cm so allowing for easy handling. The use of light but strong materials has kept the full case weight below 25 Kg. This allows us to keep the shipping costs as low as possible and our over all cost of hire competitive. Its partner case in the system carries the access point, 10 way charger, and 5 delegate units in the same dimensions. For more information on our microphone discussion systems click on the links below.

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