Tour Guide

AVD provide Audio Tour Guide Systems that suit many applications, such as Factory Tours, Conference Audio, Silent Seminars, Exhibition Audio and Audio Description.  Used in Tourist Attractions, Staff Training, Language Interpretation, Assistive Listening and Event Production Intercoms.

A basic Audio Tour Guide System allows a presenter with a Portable Transmitter to communicate directly with a number of listeners with Portable Receivers.

Using Radio Transmission Technology, older products communicated audio in the analog domain. Nowadays, most products operate in the digital domain.  The benefits of this are Higher Quality Audio (therefore greater clarity), Digital Encryption which enables much higher levels of security and Multichannel Communications allowing more systems to be used in the same space without interfering with each other (typically known as crosstalk in the analog domain).

“The AV, lighting, rigs, screens, projectors, plasmas, filming and everything else AVD provided was absolutely amazing”