Blog  |  Posted September 6, 2023

Investment in new booths

Investment in new booths shows confidence in the continuation and development of onsite interpretation.


We are investing in new booths for many reasons, not least of all the return to on site meetings has meant an increase in demand. We have also noted that even with Hybrid working there is a desire to keep the interpretation local to the main meeting due to the security of ensuring that those in the room continue to receive interpretation should there be a technical issue online, with any recording being maintained for remote viewing later.

The new booths will fully conform to the latest ISO 4043 standards for ventilation, air quality monitoring, lighting and visibility. The particular model of booth ordered, the Congress Move by Multi Casses, will help AVD develop as a company and further reduce CO2 emissions.

The flexibility afforded by the dual / smaller flight case form factor will allow transport in smaller (electric) vans and allow more booths in a larger vehicle. The smaller cases also make it easier to manoeuvre in our less accessible venues, easily fitting in to passenger lifts. This in-turn means our technicians do not always have to be weight lifters to facilitate an installation and so we can draw from a more diverse pool of staff and be able look after their well being more easily.

They are hoped to be available for the Spring 2024 season.