Online Remote Interpretation Hub

AVD has a dedicated remote interpretation language hub to supply simultaneous interpretation to multilingual online events and remote locations. Permanently fitted with 4 interpretation sound attenuating booths the hub can support two x 3 language assignments or a single 5 language assignment at any time. With more space available we can increase our capacity to suit your event. The hub is available 24 / 7 to allow for different time zones around the world.

Interpreters prefer to work from a hub as it offers many advantages over working individually from home. These include; a fast stable internet access, (Business grade balanced optic leased line), a dedicated hub technician for support, the opportunity to co locate with colleagues for smooth transitions,  freedom of domestic distractions and finally excellent quality recordings.

Based close to Edinburgh there is a good pool of local interpreters who are able to support your event.

The hub has the capacity to not only provide languages to platforms like Zoom but we also have the facilities to re-stream content to language specific language end points. If you need a bit more support we can also host presentations and facilitate video playback.

It is also cheaper than you think so contact us now to see how we can help you…

“One of the smoothest rigs and de-rigs we have ever had in here”