Blog  |  Posted January 29, 2022

Microphones with PTZ Camera Control

Our delegate microphone systems are the backbone to a successful hybrid meeting.

An essential part of the technology is the ability for the microphone system to trigger the movement of cameras. Using Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras that automatically focus on a newly activated microphone means any operator is not searching for the active microphone and then manually moving the camera. Potentially a manual camera will take so long to line up that the delegate will have finished speaking before the camera is made live in the vision mix so missing the entire contribution.

AV Department Ltd’s camera integration not only moves the cameras but can also automatically vision mix the video making sure the screen content keeps up with the dialogue. The system also follows audio triggers for when 2 speakers have a conversation without switching their microphones on and off.

The system automatically cuts through a wide shot so avoiding any wild camera swings being broadcast. It has a geographic mimic which shows the technician which microphones are live as well as offering added microphone control to switch microphones on and off remotely should a participant forget to switch their microphone off. Combined with Shure’s MXCW advanced ‘hands free’ mode no one need touch a button to produce a near perfect vision mix for online participants. Contact us to find out more and get a quote.