Blog  |  Posted September 11, 2015

Multiple Breakouts in a Single Room

Silent Conferencing is a way of hosting independent breakout sessions within a single space with out disturbing each other.

This is achieved by personalising the audio via a dedicated multichannel receiver, or via a BYOD smart device running an app, allowing the delegate to tune into the session they wish to attend. Think of it as silent disco but for corporate.

This allows delegates to move from one presentation to the next very quickly and smoothly. Ideal for medical poster sessions and exhibition booths. A range of different device types are available depending on your group size and mobility. Silent Conferencing is also an ideal way to combat poor acoustics or noisy environments in spaces not normally utilised for meetings like factories and warehouses.

So if you have a troublesome venue or are tight for space but need multiple breakouts we have a solution for you. Contact us to solve your problem. These solutions are also perfect for your non typical delegates requiring hard of hearing and visual description support.