Blog  |  Posted June 18, 2022

Sending Kit to Kenya

Before Covid we got a message from a young SI tech in Nairobi, Kenya. He was keen to start his own company and was asking if we had some ex rental equipment he could buy.

As it happened we had quite a bit. We agreed he could have it all for the cost of shipping. And so after a lot of correspondence and a couple of false starts we shipped earlier this year 40 odd microphones, 12 interpreters consoles, central controllers, IR transmitters rad panels etc… to Peter Muhia. So he could start his own interpretation equipment business with his partners.  He has now added his own booth and a PA system and is now fulfilling his dream of working with his own kit.

We are delighted this kit is getting a new lease of life and is helping Peter recover from what was a terrible couple of years for our industry across the globe. Peter has shared some pictures with us of the gear in use and we could not be happier in helping this entrepreneur who just messaged a random guy (me) to ask a question. It takes a bit of guts to make that initial contact, but you never know where it might lead. Peter we wish you well in the future and keep asking cheeky questions. 🙂 So if you need simultaneous interpretation In Nairobi give Peter a call.