Blog  |  Posted March 29, 2021

Support or Provision

Do you need Tech Support or Tech Provision?

It may seem a small difference in language but it makes a big difference in costs.

Technical Provision is where a supplier provides an element of the technical capacity to host an event. ie they may supply the physical equipment, provide the on-line platform, help you create engaging content or provide broadcast facilities to reach your audience.

Technical Support is where you may already have all that you need in terms of equipment and on-line services, and you understand how to fully utilise what you already own but you just need an extra pair of hands to make things run smoothly. Essentially it is a staff only option.

Technical Provision usually comes with Technical Support. Provision with out support is termed as a ‘Dry Hire’. To be clear Technical Support does not include any equipment or access to additional services, it is staff only working with your existing equipment and facilities.

To use an analogy. If AVD provided dish washing services, washing Provision would see us bring a dish washer, power cables, hose connections, bowels, washing up liquid… everything to get the job done. washing Support would see us load your dishwasher, use your sink, water and detergent. We may however bring our own yellow gloves (as I can never find the right size)…

I hope this is helpful when sourcing your next quotation and ensures you get exactly what you need. If we can be of service please contact us to provide for, or support, your next event.